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Hackathon for Women & Non Binary Individuals

January 12-14th, 2024

Hack your own adventure

SheHacks+ VIII will give you everything you need to achieve the ultimate creation for an award-winning hack!


What is SheHacks+?

SheHacks+ is Canada's biggest all-female and non-binary 36 hour hackathon. Our goal is to collapse gender barriers in tech and empower individuals who have faced discrimination, helping them achieve success and realize their full potential in the industry. Join us alongside a vibrant community of 600+ women+ for an immersive weekend of boundless creativity, innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Hacker Olympics

Wanting to try a hackathon but too scared because all you know is ‘hello world’? Well SheHacks’ beginner friendly Hacker Olympics tournament has got you covered! This is a specialized stream of SheHacks tailored for tech newbies who are eager to explore the world of hackathons. Engage in a series of beginner-friendly challenges, connect with fellow enthusiasts and ignite your passion. Let the games begin!



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Why Sponsor?

Supporting SheHacks+ means supporting a blend of top Canadian talent to advance their tech careers, and increasing diversity and inclusion in tech. The support of sponsor partners allows women and non-binary university students to learn skills, gain inspiration, and receive mentorship, from industry leaders, peers, and amazing companies like you.

The History of SheHacks+

SheHacks+ traces its roots back over 7 years ago, emerging as a pioneering event aimed at tackling gender disparities in the tech industry head-on. Inspired by the growing recognition of underrepresentation and gender discrimination, the hackathon started as a grassroots initiative, driven by individuals deeply passionate about fostering diversity and inclusivity in technology.

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Building a future for women+ in tech

WITS+ is a club at Western University that provides its community with initiatives and resources to inspire. We aim to empower women, women-identifying, and non-binary individuals in tech and equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in the industry.


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