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What is Hacker Olympics?

The Hacker Olympics is an alternate competition stream for a selected group of beginner hackers who aim to expand their coding skills and tech knowledge during SheHacks.

Who can participate?

First-time hackers with little-to-no coding experience.

How does Hacker Olympics work?

Hackers in this stream will work in teams of 4 to complete a project (“mini hack”) instead of competing in the regular stream. The project will be built upon skills taught in workshops that run during SheHacks+, and are specifically designed for beginners in the Hacker Olympics stream.


Our Goals

Bridge the skills gap that drives the lack of diversity in the tech industry

Women and non-binary individuals face more barriers to exploring tech interests and getting the education and experience to enter the tech industry. Hacker Olympics is their first step in bridging the gap.

For beginners interested in tech, spark passion and help them overcome fear of doing.

Hacker Olympics is all about getting your hands dirty with coding and designing. We understand how intimidating it can be to start coding and learning about tech (given the enormous number of technology fields).

Hacker Olympics FAQ

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